Civil Divorce/Civil Get

A Word of Introduction


Civil Divorce/Civil Get is a grass-roots organization begun in 2010 by a group of Mental Health professionals, rabbis, communal leaders, and Divorce Mediators.  The group comes primarily from within the membership roster of the group known as Nefesh International. The name of the group, Civil Divorce/Civil Get, was chosen in order to underscore the need for civility and propriety in the divorce and Get areas. The group also deals with Agunah-related issues, through the work of the JPA (Jewish Professionals Agunah Project), whose work is described on the Contact Page. The work of Civil Divorce/Civil Get is carried out by volunteers who wish to see the goals of the organization carried out in Jewish life.

The founding Chair of Civil Divorce/Civil Get is Rabbi Martin Rosenfeld, who has served as an administrator of a Beth Din (Chicago Rabbinical Council),  a Family Law attorney, and Divorce Mediator.  Rabbi Rosenfeld has prepared lectures on divorce mediation for a national audience of attorneys and mediators. Rabbi Rosenfeld's work is described at www.NJMediationWorks.Com.

The other Board members are:

Dr. Mark Banschick has worked with parents and children, as a psychiatrist, for over 20 years. Dr. Banschick, who practices in Katonah, NY, is an author and has designed an on-line course for divorcing parents.

Ms. Zeva Citronenbaum, a therapist and mentor to mental health practitioners, has a social work practice in Rockland County, NY.

Rabbi Simcha Feuerman is a Director of Community Mental Health Services on the NJ staff of Ohel  Bais Ezra.  He also maintains a family counseling practice. Rabbi Feuerman is the President of Nefesh International.

Rabbi Dr. Wallace Greene has been a communal worker, educator, and executive. Rabbi Greene was an early pioneer in the field of Special Education for Jewish children. He is now the Executive Director of the Teaneck (NJ) Jewish Center.

Ms. Shiffie Grossman is a communal worker and runs a support group for divorced women through Sister-to-Sister, in Passaic N.J. She knows first hand the many difficulties that one may encounter while pursuing a divorce. She has chosen to use her experience as a single mother as a means to helps others in similar situations.

Dr. Elisa Kahn of Philadelphia, PA had a career in music before transferring her skills to the educational realm. Dr. Kahn, has attained expertise in the area of Test Development.

Ms. Menucha Robeson has worked in Chicago,IL in the fields of foster parenting and sexual abuse of children for more than 25 years. She is on the Board of the Chicago branch of Nefesh International.

Mr. Jeremy Stern is Executive Director of ORA (Organization for Resolution of Agunot) in NYC,NY which addresses Agunah concerns on a case-by-case basis. 

Mission Statement:   The mission of Civil Divorce/Civil Get is to encourage more civil and just ways for Jewish families to obtain both a civil divorce and a religious Get, and to serve as a resource for individuals and families who seek professional guidance.  This will be promoted through educational, professional, and communal activities provided by mental health and communal practitioners. At all times, the work of Civil Divorce/CivilGet will be guided by traditional Jewish teachings and sound mental health and legal principles.

This website touches upon some of the aspects of divorce law and Get procedures that require a fuller explanation.  However, it is the hope of Civil Divorce/Civil Get that you will be directed to links where more information will be attainable.  Of course, you are encouraged to contact us if you wish to obtain more information in divorce-related matters.

The topics covered in this website deal with divorce and Get.  This in no way is an indication that divorce is the only option when issues arise in the marital home.  One of the topics therefore will deal with the selection of a Mental Health therapist.  At times, such intervention can indeed save a marriage from dissolution.  This website deals with divorce solely in one context: If divorce is inevitable, it is crucial that it proceed in a manner that is proper and civil. The absence of such behavior often leads to results that greatly harm the parties and their children.  People who marry in accord with traditional Jewish values have an equal obligation to embrace these same values even in divorce.
The topics covered in this website include:

Selecting a Marital Therapist
Divorce Mediation
Beth Din/Arbitration
Divorce Procedures
Get Procedures
New York Get Law
Divorce Agreements/Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Where Do I Go If I have Questions?
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