Civil Divorce/Civil Get


The Jewish Professionals Agunah Project (JPA) was founded in Summer 2013 by individuals
who are therapists and mediators in the Jewish community. The JPA stands ready to assist individuals who are in a position where an Agunah status may result from a spouse's lack of
commitment to assist in the Get process. You may inquire about the services provided by JPA by completing the form below.
JPA will:
-Serve as a resource providing information and guidance on Agunah-related issues.
-Provide pro bono mediation service to the couple in an attempt to find solutions for the marital issues that have arisen relative to the Get process.
-Make referrals to mental health professionals who will provide a session to the party(ies) at a reduced fee -Make recommendations should a referral to an Agunah organization be in order-Liasion with the aggrieved party while assistance is being provided by communal age
ncies. Feel free to visit the JPA 's Agunah Project blogsite at



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Civil Divorce/Civil Get

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